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Sunday, 12 November 2017

painting vs foiling window and doors

 paints vs foils for windows and doors

Nw window repairs have spoken about  painting u.p.v.c and hard plastic for years 
and we know just how viable the option is when done right. what I mean is you don't rip a wooden window or door just because it needs a new paint job right ,you paint it and same now goes for u.p.v.c. 
the problem associated to painting plastic its the material it not  porous so it can create a challenges to get the paints to adder to the substrate  and by building up the coats doesn't exactly mean the paint sticks better it just means the paint is getting thicker and if it chip its harder to overcome when repainting.
there are many paints now on the market in local DIY outlets and shops that state they will coat plastic witch they will but for only short periods of time before having to paint again and not necessarily a good option for any external use as weathering is the  foremost best paint peeler out thereon u.p.v.c and water based u.p.v.c paints don't work . . when it comes to painting plastic and u.p.v.c you really need certain alcohols to clean the u.p.v.c and chemicals to create the plastic to become porous and sticky buy melting a thin top layer. this is what the  prepping process is before apply a chemical based paint that will help eat into the plastic creating a chemical bond during its curing process 
the problems with being able to do a good job from a DIY aspect is you cant get they chemicals off the shelf you need some what be able to purchase them with trade accounts etc. you also need to know how to store them as the volatile nature of the chemicals can course issue, and delivery of they products are expensive due to the nature of them  so don't expect a free delivery option 
so you know have al the chemicals needed  you've got the paint your ready paint. no stop . paint brushing wont work by the seconded to third stroke there wont be any bristles left on the brush we ae using a chemical coating remember. so lets think first we need spray painting gun we need air hoses and we need a compressor now you need months of practice setting the gun up and atomising the paint out of it and then you might get a good job without it running  dripping  or feeling like sand paper. 
I get told all the time that looks really easy  my reply is  it is iv been painting plastic for 10 years .
Iv also had I have  got all the equipment but I cant get a good a job  my gun keeps spitting paint can you help ? reply what cfm is your compressor reply err what cfm does the gun need err my reply sorry sir  but you don't the equipment to do the job you need to research the equipment needed
trust me when I say this but all the guys  that works with me on my team  doesn't get any wear near my gti prolight
not for at least 6 weeks with setting up the equipment  correctly 

what about foiling windows

traditionally  foiling window and door are done though hot and cold press machine on the substrate 
before the fabrication takes place and then your really set to the manufactures colour schemes 
witch can the limit the choice the colours available leaving people with white black or grey unless specifically asking for another at witch point the frames are generally sprayed 
and being that painting isn't really for the DIY where does this leave the DIYer without having to take a deep sigh at the expenses of replacement or  professional coating system 

so hearing the question from DIYer how can we change the colour of our window and doors we came up with an answer to it 

DIY foils and wraps specially formulated to adder to any upvc and aluminium windows and door frames 
we have now bought to market the most simplest solution to changing the colour of any existing window and door frame buy simply sticking our foil to your existing window or door you can instantly change the colour or the grain pattern affect instantly with out the or heavy equipment associated to painting 
with 100s of colours to choose from we can almost match any colour of a paint chart 
our foils are the exact same pmma and upvc product traditionally  used on foiled windows  we have slimed down the thickness and applied a high adhesive coating on the back for ease of application  its been tested for uv protection and we give you a 10 year warranty it wont fade in out door elements  and we have made it in to a basic 4 step process
remember this is not a car vynle wrap 
1 clean the window 
2 warm up the frame with heat on low setting  
3 apply foil to desired are and press in to any groove or moulding shape 
4 trim excess 
5 start a new window 

 this new product has given the DIY market a brand new way and the option to change the colour of their windows saving money on tradesmen and if you interested in knowing more about this product then head over to




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