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Friday, 27 January 2017

New Designs |

NW Window Repairs Blog | New Design

NW Window Repairs are constantly trying to improve our customer experience. This year, we have decided to make our website and blog more modern and user-friendly. Find out more about what we have done to achieve this, and what we have in store for 2017.

Written by Quillations on Behalf of NW Window Repairs

Window Repairs New Design

What is Changing?

As we are in a new year, we have decided for a new look across our website and blog. There was nothing wrong with the old style, but we were after a more modern, fresh, and clean look and feel. We want to make our brand stand out from the crowd like our service already does. By re-branding the websites looks, we are hoping to achieve this.

You may find some of our web pages have already started to change looks. We have already updated our Photo Gallery and our main Services pages, which now look similar to the style of this blog post. The changes on these pages compared to the old look is listed below:

* New "Quick Links" help navigation easier, saving our customers time and helping them find what they are after quicker.
* New "Short Descriptions" on our pages, gets to the point quicker, with a "Read More" section to be included for those who want a more in-depth explanation.
* New "Request a Call" button has been added to the Services page on our website, and will eventually be rolled out across each page.

Commercial Website Design
New Website Services Page Design

When will the changes happen?

The Quillations Group are currently working behind the scenes to get our new pages up and running, but this can take time. They are also in the process of creating a new website for us (but more information on this will be provided at a later date!)

Although a time-scale cannot be given at this stage, we will let you know via Facebook and Twitter when each section has been completed - so make sure you follow us today.

What Does this mean for our customers?

The whole reason behind these changes is to help you - our customers - have a great experience from start to finish with NW Window Repairs. We pride ourselves with the service we give when it comes to repairing your windows and doors, and want to spread this service to give you a more user-friendly website, and help make us your first choice for any works you may require.
As always, any feedback you have about our new look will be welcome, so please comment below and let us know!

The Quillations Group may be re-designing our website, but NW Window Repairs can re-design your front door! For more information, check out our previous Blog Post, or visit our Photo Gallery to take a look for yourself.

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