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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Change the Look of your Front Door

Change the Look of your Front Door

Have you ever thought about changing the look of your front door, or like many people have just thought about replacing it altogether? If you fall in to the latter, then please read on. We may just change your mind about replacing.
Redesign Your Front Door

Why shouldn't I replace my front door?

What many people do not realise, is that UPVC doors are glazed in with in-fill panels. These panels come in many different designs, and is the key part to how your door looks. It is also the single most expensive part of the UPVC door, along with the lock.
The door frame itself really isn't as expensive as some companies lead you to believe. In fact, the actual door frame can be bought for as little as £50.

So what makes the door so expensive?

The cost of a front door is made expensive due to the extras which you asks for / are up-sold. This will make what should be a cheap door, very expensive.
When it comes to fitting a new door, then you should be asking about the quality of the lock and if there are any extra security features such as hinge bolts. You should also ask about good letter plates and handles, and of course you should be asking if your new front door is re-enforced or not. Due to all of this, the costs will start to rise drastically.

I recently moved in to a new house where the existing door was bought as cheap as possible. I decided to have a small bet with my work partner on how long it would take to break in to my house. As the door was completely locked, he thought it would not be possible to break this in less than 10 minutes. Within 57 seconds, I had won my bet!
My point in highlighting this, is that if you have a good solid door already and decide you want it replaced for a fresh look, then you may be compromising security unless you pay for the costly extras.

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What questions should I ask the salesman?

I have spoken to customers who have replaced their front door, and too often they tell me that it doesn't feel as solid as the old one - but it looks nice!
So before replacing your front door, you need to ask the salesman the following questions:

What lock will be fitted?
Is the door re-enforced?
Is the pannel re-enforced?

Once you have this information, then we urge you to Google the lock brand to make sure it is a good one. Don't be fooled by the major brands however. Always go with customer reviews. After-all, these reviews are not biassed!
If you decide to go with a new front door based on what you have found out, then you should expect to pay around £1000 before V.A.T for a good, normal sized door.
If you decide to go for a composite door and you are quoted between £600/£700 - then you are NOT getting a composite door! You will be buying an imitation.
Basically, if you take 3 quotations (which is always recommended), with 2 coming out at £1000+ and the other around £700, then ALWAYS ask what you are really getting for the cheaper price. NEVER compromise the safety of your home to save money.
What other option do I have?

NW Window Repairs can give you the option of changing the look of your existing door - without compromising any of your security.
Head over to our website now, and look at our gallery to find out what we can do for you.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about your existing from door, then please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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