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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

metal or steel crittall windows


restoration to metal windows 

When it comes to Steel Crittall  or slime line metal windows there is nothing else on the market that will offer the same long term durability and beauty. The Crittall window gives you small sight lines, offering a much wider glazing space allowing more light to come through.

The new deign of crittall windows is almost an exact match in appearance as the original and due to this it is possible to double glaze with slim line energy efficient double glazing and fit new ironmongery to your existing with key locking.
By doing a refurbishment to your existing ctittall windows thousands of pounds and frames can be saved! while matching the same energy efficiency that new ones will offer you.

Process of refurbishing Crittal windows,
Firstly remove all the existing paint build up on the frames, If you have older types before galvanising was used you will need to de rust all the frames.
Once this has been completed you can start the overhauling process of bending the frames back to the original shape i.e. closing all gapes and draft proofing.

The next step is to redecorate the frame.
We would use spray painting technique as our method of choice, this will keep down the thickness of paint which will help the frames in the future, while still offering a good thickness of paint protection on the metal and offering low maintenance .
We also offer our clients a duel option, having a different colour on the outside from the inside.

The final step.
You then can start to think about what type of glass to use, Low energy double glazing, normal glazing or a patterned or obscured glass, all depending on your choice.
If you want new ironmongery or if the old ones  just need a clean and polish back to its original brass, we can also do this. We offer a full sand blasting option on site and full re lacquer to ensure the brass stays shiny for longer term, the choice is yours.

The benefits of having crittall windows.
Maintains character of the property, Larger glazing allowing more light in, Low maintenance and long durability, new key locking furniture options and double glazing options including energy efficient glass and draft proofing.

The history of cittall windows started as early as 1849, but it was the 1920s that critalls become a major player in the industry.
Critall windows became a main contractor to early modern architecture offering slim site lines and with larger glazing
It was the late 30s early 40s that critall windows started to offer the galvanising protection, which gave the windows an edge over the timber competition, and with critalls needing a lot less maintenance they quickly become the most Superior material in there day.

Unfortunately, as the frames are made of metal and with single glass these windows transmitted cold temperature into the room and condensation was a major problem and still is on the existing type of the windows coursing damp and rust issues.

Fortunately, critall windows have not changed the profile system very much from the early home light.
New critall windows are made to accommodated a slimline double glazed unit, this can also be easily achieved in the earlier home light section  that are still in situe today.
By double glazing the windows this proved to eliminate the problems condensation would course.
Adding the draft excludes at the time as doing a glazing up grad you can bring the existing up to date matching the same performance on heat loss  as new home light windows offer.
With the cost of critall windows have attached to them on a replacement basis this can easily take you over budget.
Therefore unless the windows were listed or in a conservation area they have mainly been replaced with upvc or aluminium and then compromising the traditional appearance.
These windows and doors gave a building and the amount of light that transmitted into a properties

Restoration to metal and critall windows and doors!
When restoring metal windows most company's would like to remove the windows putting temporary glass in place, this is not always the best most cost effective or economical way to take on these kind of works, as removing the window for a period of time can lead to other issues like security.  All though at times this is necessary the majority of the time the window can be left in place minimising disruption. If it is only one window it could be more cost effective to replace but very rarely this is the case.
Majority of the time leaving the window in place while the works are carried out is more a viable option as the majority of  problems occurred to metal windows are due to paint build up and simple overhaul will get your windows opening and closing properly again. If you would like more information on steel or critall windows we at NW window repairs  can offer repairs and full restoration.
Please do not hesitate to get in contact for any information you may require during your window project or give us a call for a free quotation and we can go thought all the options with you to meet your requirements

.single glazing with traditional putty glazing 
.lead light repairs 
.existing window slim line double glazing upgrades 
.draft proofing and weather strips 
.paint removal sand blasting or traditional sanding 
.hinges handle and ironmongery  replacement with locking 
.partial  frame replacements steel section replacement 
.extra security 
.overhauling to open and shut correctly 
.painting buy brush or spray painting 

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