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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean


Spring cleaning is something which we always begrudgingly do each and every Spring. We tidy up the gardens to make them look fresh again. We wash the car to get rid of the Winter grime. But this year, why not go that extra bit further? 

NW Window Repairs things that Spring Cleaning isn't just about making your garden and car look fresh. We believe that your Windows and Doors can also benefit from a nice Spring clean. 

Over the Winter time, dirt can build up on your UPVC window frames and doors. If you leave this for a long time, then eventually the only way you will be able to remove this is by using a chemical cleaner - something which would always advise against. Why? Simply because unless you use the industrial strength cleaners, you will not be able to make the frames look as good as they can be. And if you DO use the industrial strength cleaner, you may end up damaging the frame itself unless you know 100% what you are doing.

As a lot of people will never really think about Spring Cleaning their window frames and doors, they end up penetrating the dirt from years of neglect. This isn't un-common, and isn't something which people will ever frown upon. But at NW Window Repairs, we can help you Spring Clean your windows and doors.

With a choice of over 200+ colours to chose from using our RAL.U colour chart, we can give your windows and doors that "Spring Clean" finish. With several years of experience, we can spray paint any material (not just UPVC), and either change the colour, or freshen up your existing colour - all without having to take your windows or doors away! Everything we do is on site.

Not sure what colour will suit you windows or doors? Then head over to our website now! With our on-line demonstration, you upload a photograph of the exterior (or interior depending on what you want sprayed), receive a password to a protected page, and go through our extensive range of colours to see first hand what your property will look like - without having to get your frames sprayed first!

There is a small fee for viewing this, but once you have booked your appointment for the works, and upon job completion, this fee is refunded in full for you.

So this year, let NW Window Repairs help with your Spring Cleaning and let us freshen up, or add colour to your Windows and Doors for you!

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