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Monday, 1 February 2016

Solutions Strategy

Solutions Strategy

 An Example of Solutions Strategy

 One example of our solutions strategy is where we attended a job that had newly fitted window and doors, but then didn't pass any of the Fire Regulations. This was down to them being made from an architects drawing without much thought of where these windows would be situated, and spec not being put down before ordering. We were told by the contractors that we have come across your website, and after speaking to dozens of other repair companies, we don’t think anything can be done and can’t even find someone that will attend to even look at the job. They said they were about to re-order all of the windows that didn't pass the regulations.

Fire Regulations Not Met
This window did not pass the fire regulations due to center mullion
We attended this job and looked around, where we stated that we can do something with this. We spent around 30 minutes of our time to give a quick sample - not a full finished job, but enough to show the contractor what we were proposing to do. We waited 3 days for the fire regulations man to say yes or no, when we were then given the go ahead to redesign 47 windows on site to pass the regulations. 

Center Mullion Removed
Center Mullion has now been removed from its fixed point, and now opens with the left hand opener, giving enough clearance for a person to jump out of in case of fire

Smaller Window
This is a smaller window which has the same issues. This is what all the windows looked like when shut.
These are the type of commercial jobs we at NW Window Repairs love working on. We find that we can always come up with a solution to all our clients needs, and get the job done for you.

All of our quotations for our work are free, and without any obligation for you to have the work undertaken by us.

So if you have a problem with any of your windows or doors which are not up to the Fire Regulations, then please give us a call, send us an email, or visit our website to find out more.

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