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Friday, 5 February 2016

Shop Front Respray

Shop Front Respray
Shop Front Respray


A little while ago, we had a call from one of our clients who wanted a shop front respray. The original quotation they had to refit the shop front was not budgeted for, so they contacted us at NW Window Repairs. We arrived at the building, and priced up the job for them - and undercut the original quote they had been given.

As this was a commercial property which had other contractors doing their work, we arranged a suitable time and date for our work to start. We had to take in to account the footfall around the shop, and decided that the safest time would be out of our usual working hours due to Health and Safety reasons.

We liaised with our client as to the colour of the sign which was going above the shop front, and colour matched using our RAL colour chart, getting the exact shade required. This colour was also used throughout the inside of the shop, to tie the whole brand together.

Inside Shop Before Respray
Inside the Shop Before Respray

We made sure everything was protected before the shop front respray commenced, and made sure all of the interior work was also protected from any over-spray.

Once the job was completed, the shop front shutters were checked, to ensure that they still operated in the correct manor, and would not damage the paintwork in any way. 

For more pictures of this commercial shop front respray, please head on over to our website, where you will find a gallery of before and after photographs of this particular job.

So if you have a shop front or a shop interior which you would like to be resprayed in a colour of your choice, or if you have a domestic property where you require your windows or doors to have a change in colour or a simple refresh, then give NW Window Repairs a call.

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