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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Change the Colour of your UPVC Windows and Doors

NW Window Repairs Blog | Domestic UPVC Colour Changing

With Spring 2017 (hopefully) around the corner, NW Window Repairs find ourselves inundated with requests from customers to freshen up their windows and doors, or to change the colour completely. Infact, we have started early this year! So with this in mind, please have a read below to find out what we can do for you.

Written by Quillations on Behalf of NW Window Repairs

Colour Change UPVC Windows Before Photo

An Insight in to UPVC Colour Changing

Everyone is individual. We all have our own unique style and tastes. So when it comes to our homes, we will always add our own design to make it ours. But look around you. The majority of houses have white UPVC window frames, with the occasional coloured door. Is this really you?
NW Window Repairs can help you put your own unique stamp on your property, by changing the colour of your windows and doors for you! And the best thing - we can do this without having to dismantle your home! All of our spray painting is done on site, and comes complete with a 10 Year Warranty against peeling, cracking and fading. Our prices start from as little as £100 depending on the size of the area to be spray painting, and your location, and with our FREE quotation, why not give us a call to see what we can do for you!
But it doesn't stop there! A lot of our customers have asked us what would happen if we spray paint their windows and doors, and then they decide they don't like the look. What would happen? The simple answer, is nothing. We would have been instructed to paint what you asked for, and would have to charge you again to put it back to how it was.
But do not worry. NW Window Repairs have created our unique Image Colour Software Demo for you to see what your property will look like with the colour you have chosen BEFORE any paint is sprayed.
This can be tested on our own property templates, or you can upload your own photograph to see what your own property would look like. Please note: There is a small charge for this service, but it is definitely worthwhile.

Colour Change Windows
Colour Change Windows After Photo

What material can you paint?

We can spray paint several different materials, changing our methods to suit each one accordingly. The list below is the main materials we have been asked to change the colour of. If you cannot find the material which you have, then please email us and we can let you know.

  • UPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Concrete

  • Change the Colour of your Windows and Doors Today!

    So what are you waiting for?! Come and check out our Image Colour Software Demo now, and see what a difference a little colour can do for a property. Then Contact Us for your FREE QUOTATION, upload your own photo, and get a date booked for the work to be done!
    Still not convinced? Then please check out our Photo Gallery to see what we have done for some of our customers. You will not be disappointed.

    To advertise on our Blog, please email us today!

    NW Window Repairs

    From Luton to London
    Window and Door Repair and Refurbishment Specialists
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    painting upvc windows and doors

                           Painting pvc-u windows and doors! 

    This is becoming a huge industry over the last 3 to 4 years with many people seeing this as viable option for rejuvenating the existing windows and doors in your property.
    However this work is being under taken by inexperienced traders who are seeing the industry develop, with no real idea of how to under take the projects professionally or safely  without any back ground experience in the spray painting market or even any back ground in decorating.
    We all heard the saying god loves a tryer but can we at least try it before charging for a service you've never undertaken or have any idea in how to set up a spray gun.

    I am only putting this out there as I am increasingly being called by customers asking about information regarding works that have been undertaken by other company's. Below are some of the most frequent questions, a few as I could be hear having you read examples all day.

    Should my paint work feel ruff and will it pull back flat over the next coming weeks?
    The answer is, your paint work should not be ruff to touch and no it will not go flat in the next couple of weeks. This is not the correct spray painting works on windows and/ or doors.

    My paint work looks patchy is this just the thinners drying out?  Answer no this is inexperience spray painting and is where it has been sprayed wet in places and dusting over in others.

    My paint work is flat but look pimply, this is known as orange peel and is basically were the sprayer doesn't know how to set his equipment up, also the air to paint ratio is wrong .

    so really the reason for this Blog is to give the customer a bit of back ground information in what questions  you could be asking before going ahead with you painting works.

    Are you using hvlp or airless?  either is fine but if your looking for a perfect body shop finish you would ask them to use hvlp.

    These questions relate to hvlp
    What litre compressor would you be using  and what is the cfm out put this should be no less than 14cfm and have 70liters of air at the minimum.

    What spray guns do you use? you would be expecting to hear devibliss or sarta  these are industry guns and are hundreds of pounds, not a Mikey mouse £30 jobby out of a locale D.I.Y shop

    Ask for the cfm the gun requires, this should be less than the compressor or the compressor will not be able operate the gun correctly a good gun will be operating around 12 cfm which means you will need around 16cfm from the compressor.

    Do you regulate the psi on the gun?,  if he/she doesn't he/she should! The compressor regulates it no it doesn't the compressor regulates the psi in the hose not what is coming out the gun.

    What psi is the paint to be sprayed?
    Most paints are sprayed between 8/12 psi  to atomize

    These question will not really give you any indication about the sprayers finished product but it will at least tell you if the sprayer knows any thing about spray painting as this is the absolute basic knowledge he would need to even set up the equipment.

    But if you do really want to test his knowledge ask about what air cap he would be using?

    Do you regulate the hose every 15 meters?

    Does the paint have high voc  vialant organic compound?,  if so does he provide a mask for each person in the environment  ask for a data sheet on the product he will be spraying.

    Never except auto motive paint for Upvc!  Upvc is not plastic it is un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride it is a rigid chemical mix also known as pvc-u  for the Europeans as they place the noune before the objective.

    if your sprayer is insistence he will be using a plastic paint for your plastic windows please state to him your windows and doors are not plastic they are upvc, if he doesn't understand the difference in his materials he wont know what product to use on them.

    for a professional  spray painting service you can call Nw window repairs  we are always happy to help with any queries you have  we are always happy to help

    hear are few examples of our work


    Sunday, 12 November 2017

    painting vs foiling window and doors

     paints vs foils for windows and doors

    Nw window repairs have spoken about  painting u.p.v.c and hard plastic for years 
    and we know just how viable the option is when done right. what I mean is you don't rip a wooden window or door just because it needs a new paint job right ,you paint it and same now goes for u.p.v.c. 
    the problem associated to painting plastic its the material it not  porous so it can create a challenges to get the paints to adder to the substrate  and by building up the coats doesn't exactly mean the paint sticks better it just means the paint is getting thicker and if it chip its harder to overcome when repainting.
    there are many paints now on the market in local DIY outlets and shops that state they will coat plastic witch they will but for only short periods of time before having to paint again and not necessarily a good option for any external use as weathering is the  foremost best paint peeler out thereon u.p.v.c and water based u.p.v.c paints don't work . . when it comes to painting plastic and u.p.v.c you really need certain alcohols to clean the u.p.v.c and chemicals to create the plastic to become porous and sticky buy melting a thin top layer. this is what the  prepping process is before apply a chemical based paint that will help eat into the plastic creating a chemical bond during its curing process 
    the problems with being able to do a good job from a DIY aspect is you cant get they chemicals off the shelf you need some what be able to purchase them with trade accounts etc. you also need to know how to store them as the volatile nature of the chemicals can course issue, and delivery of they products are expensive due to the nature of them  so don't expect a free delivery option 
    so you know have al the chemicals needed  you've got the paint your ready paint. no stop . paint brushing wont work by the seconded to third stroke there wont be any bristles left on the brush we ae using a chemical coating remember. so lets think first we need spray painting gun we need air hoses and we need a compressor now you need months of practice setting the gun up and atomising the paint out of it and then you might get a good job without it running  dripping  or feeling like sand paper. 
    I get told all the time that looks really easy  my reply is  it is iv been painting plastic for 10 years .
    Iv also had I have  got all the equipment but I cant get a good a job  my gun keeps spitting paint can you help ? reply what cfm is your compressor reply err what cfm does the gun need err my reply sorry sir  but you don't the equipment to do the job you need to research the equipment needed
    trust me when I say this but all the guys  that works with me on my team  doesn't get any wear near my gti prolight
    not for at least 6 weeks with setting up the equipment  correctly 

    what about foiling windows

    traditionally  foiling window and door are done though hot and cold press machine on the substrate 
    before the fabrication takes place and then your really set to the manufactures colour schemes 
    witch can the limit the choice the colours available leaving people with white black or grey unless specifically asking for another at witch point the frames are generally sprayed 
    and being that painting isn't really for the DIY where does this leave the DIYer without having to take a deep sigh at the expenses of replacement or  professional coating system 

    so hearing the question from DIYer how can we change the colour of our window and doors we came up with an answer to it 

    DIY foils and wraps specially formulated to adder to any upvc and aluminium windows and door frames 
    we have now bought to market the most simplest solution to changing the colour of any existing window and door frame buy simply sticking our foil to your existing window or door you can instantly change the colour or the grain pattern affect instantly with out the or heavy equipment associated to painting 
    with 100s of colours to choose from we can almost match any colour of a paint chart 
    our foils are the exact same pmma and upvc product traditionally  used on foiled windows  we have slimed down the thickness and applied a high adhesive coating on the back for ease of application  its been tested for uv protection and we give you a 10 year warranty it wont fade in out door elements  and we have made it in to a basic 4 step process
    remember this is not a car vynle wrap 
    1 clean the window 
    2 warm up the frame with heat on low setting  
    3 apply foil to desired are and press in to any groove or moulding shape 
    4 trim excess 
    5 start a new window 

     this new product has given the DIY market a brand new way and the option to change the colour of their windows saving money on tradesmen and if you interested in knowing more about this product then head over to



    Friday, 22 September 2017

    New Product Launch!


    Brand new product to Nw window repairs this Autumn.

    We at Nw window repairs are happy to announce our brand new D.I.Y Foil wraps for U.P.V.C and Aluminium windows and doors.
    This is NOT a vinyl wrap, this product has been specially formulated to apply to your windows and doors for exterior and interior, with long lasting adhesions and UV protected.
    Foil wrapping will bring colour and cleanliness to your property without the mess and large costings associated with replacement windows and doors.

    This product has been designed for ease of self application, but if you would like we can send one of our approved applicators to apply it for you.
    Our website for more information on this product will be available shortly.

    Website to be announced tomorrow morning!


    Friday, 27 January 2017

    New Designs |

    NW Window Repairs Blog | New Design

    NW Window Repairs are constantly trying to improve our customer experience. This year, we have decided to make our website and blog more modern and user-friendly. Find out more about what we have done to achieve this, and what we have in store for 2017.

    Written by Quillations on Behalf of NW Window Repairs

    Window Repairs New Design

    What is Changing?

    As we are in a new year, we have decided for a new look across our website and blog. There was nothing wrong with the old style, but we were after a more modern, fresh, and clean look and feel. We want to make our brand stand out from the crowd like our service already does. By re-branding the websites looks, we are hoping to achieve this.

    You may find some of our web pages have already started to change looks. We have already updated our Photo Gallery and our main Services pages, which now look similar to the style of this blog post. The changes on these pages compared to the old look is listed below:

    * New "Quick Links" help navigation easier, saving our customers time and helping them find what they are after quicker.
    * New "Short Descriptions" on our pages, gets to the point quicker, with a "Read More" section to be included for those who want a more in-depth explanation.
    * New "Request a Call" button has been added to the Services page on our website, and will eventually be rolled out across each page.

    Commercial Website Design
    New Website Services Page Design

    When will the changes happen?

    The Quillations Group are currently working behind the scenes to get our new pages up and running, but this can take time. They are also in the process of creating a new website for us (but more information on this will be provided at a later date!)

    Although a time-scale cannot be given at this stage, we will let you know via Facebook and Twitter when each section has been completed - so make sure you follow us today.

    What Does this mean for our customers?

    The whole reason behind these changes is to help you - our customers - have a great experience from start to finish with NW Window Repairs. We pride ourselves with the service we give when it comes to repairing your windows and doors, and want to spread this service to give you a more user-friendly website, and help make us your first choice for any works you may require.
    As always, any feedback you have about our new look will be welcome, so please comment below and let us know!

    The Quillations Group may be re-designing our website, but NW Window Repairs can re-design your front door! For more information, check out our previous Blog Post, or visit our Photo Gallery to take a look for yourself.

    NW Window Repairs

    From Luton to London
    Window and Door Repair and Refurbishment Specialists
    And UPVC Painting Experts

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    Friday, 13 January 2017

    13.01.17 Advert |

    Condensation on your windows?

    Give NW Window Repairs a call! We can fix any problems you have with either doors or windows on your domestic or commercial property.

    NW Window Repairs
    From Luton to London
    Window and Door Repair and Refurbishment Specialists
    01582 241529 / 0208 935 5076

    Thursday, 12 January 2017

    DIY Letter Box Installation |

    At NW Window Repairs, we can supply and fit anything which is related to your doors and windows. So if you want a lock, handle or hinge, we can help! Unfortunately some of you may be out of our catchment area, meaning we cannot supply and fit these items for you. Some of you may also want to do some of the work yourself. Below, we talk about fitting your own letter box.

    By Quillations on Behalf of NW Window Repairs

    Why Tell Us?

    Some people may ask why we would share information on how to complete work yourself, as this would seem counter-active to our business. At NW Window Repairs, we understand that a lot of people would rather buy their own letter box, handle, hinge etc, and fit it themselves. We are here to guide, help and advise - as well as carry out the work for those who are not capable themselves. As the saying goes: "just because you know how to cook, doesn't stop you going to a restaurant"!

    Is it simple to fit a letter box?

    Fitting a letter box can be simple if you are simply replacing an old and broken one. The gap is already there after all! But if you have to start cutting your brand new front door to fit a letter box, then it can get trickier.

    The 4 Step Process

    There is a 4 Step process to installing a letter box. These steps can be found by visiting a previous Blog Post. It is a simple process to follow, and will make life easier for you. The post also explains how to measure out your door if you do not already have a letter box opening, and the 3 different sizes which are available for you. So please head over to our old post, take a look, and let us know how you get on! NW Window Repairs always appreciates your comments, and we are passionate about our customers and readers - even if you are not in our catchment areas.

    NW Window Repairs

    From Luton to London
    Window and Door Repair and Refurbishment Specialists
    And UPVC Painting Experts

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